Why Teacher Freedom?


All educators should have the freedom to choose whether to join and support a union.

They should be empowered to make decisions best for them, their profession, and their students.


The Teacher Freedom Project is an online resource and community for educators across the country who want to know and understand their rights and options about union and professional association membership.

We seek to inform educators of their rights and help them pursue the option that best meets their beliefs, values, budget, and career aspirations.

Join a community of educators nationwide committed to empowering one another with information and choice.

This website provides answers to common questions educators have:

  • Why do educators opt out of union membership?
  • Are there non-union alternatives for liability insurance and other professional benefits?
  • What happens when I'm no longer a union member?
  • How can I share this information with my colleagues?
  • How can I exercise my opt out rights?
  • What is new in teacher freedom rights?
  • Are there others like me?

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