Christi, guidance counselor

“There is freedom to choose.”

Christi discovered her love of teaching as a teenager at her first job—swim instructor. Her eyes light up when she talks about helping her young students overcome their fears of even getting into the water.

In over three decades in education as a teacher and a guidance counselor, Christi estimates she’s impacted the lives of thousands of public schoolchildren. It isn’t always been easy, but she persists, just like her students. “One of the reasons I love teaching is because we truly have a privilege to impact each child’s future,” she says.

Christi spent ten years as a member of the union. She explains, “I thought that’s what we do. The dues came out of our paycheck. It was very simple… I was young. I didn’t know better.” One day a colleague told her about alternatives to the union and that’s when Christi first learned she had any choice in the matter.

After becoming more aware of her options and also feeling unsupported by her union, Christi decided to exercise her teacher freedom rights to join an alternative association. Now, she encourages others do the same. “Google what other options do I have than to be in my union,” she says “get a plethora of ideas to research and choose from. There is freedom to choose.”

“I have enjoyed every bit of teaching. It keeps one young.”