Damon, social studies teacher

“Exercise all of your rights, don’t let anyone place limits.”

Damon, a pastor in New Jersey, was inspired to become a teacher because, “a lot of issues that were impacting my congregation were also impacting the community.”

For the past 15 years, he’s been bringing the same enthusiasm and energy he had as a pastor to the students he teaches: “My hope and intent is to engender in them a sense of pride, a sense of ownership of this world…I want them to find their voice.”

Given his passion, it’s no surprise that his efforts have been recognized. Last year, Damon was awarded Top Teacher at his school.

That voice that he wants his students to find? He wants teachers to have it too. For Damon, this meant finding an alternative to the union in the form of a professional association.

Damon joined an alternative professional association to protect his career and to connect with other educators.

He’s just one of many teachers across the country who have exercised their rights with respect to union membership and he wants all teachers to be empowered to make the choice that is right for them.