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whether to join and fund a union. Agree?
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Our Stories

Andrea, special education teacher
“I’m not anti-union. I’m for choice.”   After an unfulfilling career in corporate America, Andrea wanted to give back to ...
Jim, music teacher
“It’s important for teachers to find the association that best represents them and what they believe education is all about.” ...
Sharon, high school science teacher
“I was a satisfied, enthusiastic union member for many years.”   As a high school science teacher, Sharon works very ...
Christi, guidance counselor
“There is freedom to choose.”   Christi discovered her love of teaching as a teenager at her first job—swim instructor. ...

Be Informed and Be Empowered

Addressing common misconceptions about opting out of union membership.

I'll lose my health insurance!

Will I lose my health insurance?

No, you won't. Union membership has absolutely no impact on your health insurance or other compensation from the district.

Only the union provides liability insurance!

What happens to my liability insurance?

Union liability insurance is provided exclusively to members.
There are numerous (often less expensive) alternatives to the union for quality liability insurance.

I'll lose my seniority!

Will I lose my seniority?

No, you won't. Union membership has absolutely no impact on your seniority.

Only union members are in the contract!

Am I out of the contract if I leave the union?

Your individual membership has absolutely no impact on the existence or terms of the negotiated agreement for you or any colleagues. You are still a part of the contract as a non-member.

I'll lose tenure!

Will I lose tenure?

No, you won't. Union membership has absolutely no impact on your tenure.

Only the union can protect my job!

Who will protect my job?

School employees are protected by the contract and state & federal law, but often need additional support. Your due process rights can be protected by less expensive professional associations.

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