Take the Teacher Freedom Pledge

Before 2018, teachers in more than 20 states had to forfeit their First Amendment rights when they entered the classroom. They were trusted to teach and help guide the next generation of leaders, but they couldn’t be trusted to decide whether or not joining a teachers association was in their own best interest. That decision was unilaterally made for them and over the years thousands of dollars were taken out of their paychecks by lawmakers and special interests who “knew best.”

Today, teachers like you and me are free to choose what is best for us! Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v. AFSCME, our First Amendment rights have been restored, and we can make our own decisions regarding professional membership.

We all know how essential teachers are to our communities and to our country. And it’s up to us to help ensure all our fellow educators are aware of their rights and never again have to sacrifice those rights in order to teach.

Do you agree? Take the Teacher Freedom pledge: