Randy, Sixth grade teacher

“I wanted an organization that wasn’t pushing any kind of politics.”

You could almost say teaching is in Randy’s blood. A teacher for twenty years, Randy followed in the footsteps of his parents and siblings. In fact, Randy’s extended family includes numerous teachers and administrators across the nation.

That family network was helpful when Randy first entered the education field and was getting his bearings. “The thing that I appreciated the most when I entered the education field was being able to call on my family and be able to get the support that I needed.” And thanks to the advice of his mentor, Randy soon found another source of professional support early in his career – a teaching organization without a union affiliation.

Not only did the professional educator organization offer twice as much coverage as he had with his existing association, Randy was drawn to its nonpartisan stance. Instead of pushing politics, his new teaching organization was focused on professional support, and offered him the resources he needed to solidify his future and career.