PRESS | In Wake of Janus Decision, Non-Union Teacher Association Doubles Job Protection Benefits for Members

Mission Viejo, CA – The Association of American Educators (AAE), a national non-union professional educator association, announced today that it is doubling job protection benefits for members without raising dues. Following the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Janus v. AFSCME, more public school educators and staff are expected to be exploring their professional association options.

Throughout their career, educators can experience workplace issues that threaten their job as well as their professional reputation. Along with liability insurance and protection against lawsuits, AAE professional membership includes employment rights coverage for members experiencing termination, demotion, involuntary transfer, suspension, or other disciplinary actions. By including job protection benefits in each member’s liability insurance policy, AAE is able to provide legal support at the onset of workplace issues while still charging only $198 per year to members. The doubling of each of the three levels of job protection now covers up to $10,400 in legal fees paid by the insurance policy to defend each member’s due process rights for covered incidents.

Gary Beckner, Founder and President of AAE, explained, “AAE was founded to provide quality professional benefits so that students aren’t losing great teachers to misunderstandings, false accusations, or petty issues. AAE’s employment rights coverage is a shield against very real threats to a member’s entire career.”

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